How To Reuse Press On Nails?

 Remove Your Press On Nails Correctly

Before you even think about reusing your press on nails, they have to be removed correctly. To do so you need to avoid using any harsh chemicals like acetone which can melt them. You should also avoid forcing or biting them off which will not only ruin your press ons but can damage your natural nails too. 

 Invest In High Quality Press On Nails

Investing in your nails is so important when wanting to reuse them. High quality press on nails are more durable and long lasting which means that they still maintain their appearance and durability for longer. This allows them to be reused and still look brand new.

Remove Any Left Over Adhesive 

With press on nails removed, start to gently file away any build up of nail glue on the underside of each false nail. This is easily done with Nail & Bails crystal stick that’s included in the FREE application kit with every order.

A crystal stick is a wooden cuticle pusher with a nail file on one end. This allows you to use them three different ways :

- To prep your natural nails ready for press ons

- To gently file the underside of each false nail for extra adhesion

- To remove any glue build up after removal

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