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10pcs Brown Bear Nail Charm Mix

10pcs Brown Bear Nail Charm Mix

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Dive into cuteness overload with our Handmade Nail Charms! Our 10-piece Brown Bear, Bow, and Flower Mix is all about sweetness and sparkle. 🐻✨ With adorable bears, blooming flowers, and charming bows—all adorned with twinkling crystals—your nails will be the epitome of girly glam! 💅

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Step into a world of cuteness and charm with our Handmade Nail Charms! 🎀 Get ready to add a sprinkle of magic to your manicure with our delightful 10-piece Brown Bear, Bow, and Flower Mix.

Picture this: two adorable brown bears with twinkling crystals for their eyes and noses, making your nails simply irresistible! 🐻✨ And let's not forget the two precious bear heads, also bedazzled with crystals for that extra touch of sweetness.

But wait, there's more! Our set includes three darling flowers, each blooming with a dazzling crystal at the center, bringing a burst of floral elegance to your fingertips. And of course, what's a girly ensemble without bows? 🎀 Our set features three charming bows, each adorned with a sparkling crystal centerpiece, perfect for adding a dash of girlish glamour to your nail art.

Crafted with love and attention to detail, our nail charms are not just cute—they're also built to last, ensuring your manicure stays fabulous for days on end. So, whether you're feeling flirty, fun, or fabulously feminine, our Brown Bear, Bow, and Flower Mix is here to make your nail dreams come true! ✨

Our handmade nail charms are the perfect way to set off your set of nails, just attach them to the nail with a small bead of clear acrylic or some clear AcryGel.


Dangle Charms:

Drill a hole in the nail then use tweezers to pick up the charm and thread the link into the hole. Close the link by gently squeezing together using jewellery pliers.


With acrylic:

Place a bead of acrylic onto the nail and place the charm into it.

With Gel:

Place a bead of acrygel onto the nail where you want the charm to be placed. Apply a gel topcoat and place the charm on the nail while the gel is still wet. Gently press the charm into the gel and cure.

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